Anonymous: "lala-larry is my personal....i can't find your's, i know for sure I follow you I just don't know which one you are D: .. I miss you so much :( -Sam"

omg if that’s not your personal anymore I’ll crey… I never saw this omfg… anyway if someone wants to conctact me or what not my personal is ’smile-littledreamer’ or ‘lesniamism’ omg i’ll cry. luff you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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omg please i lost the link of the video where the little kid shows Harry how they dressed up as him in halloween omg omg please someone send me the link jesus i hate myself for losing it please send it to meeeeeeh

oh my god its not the same without you. we all miss you though!


@Baby: I LOVE YOU TOO <3

@Zayn: And I miss you all but I just can’t be attached to an rp anymore… :/

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I just came to say hello (8)

So… uhm… yeah. I wanted to say hello cause like, I miss you all. 
And I wanted to be in touch so so so, hello everybody. I hope you’re all alright. I love you and I miss you xx 

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little things about liam

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I can’t handle this, my mom cries, my dad’s depressed and he just doesn’t wakes up. The doctors said that we need to be patient and I’m just waiting for a miracle…


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